Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dialectical Journal #6

“Strunk frowned at the sky. He passed out again, then woke up and said, ‘Don’t kill me.’ ‘I won’t,’ Jensen said.” This section really puts the violence and severity of the war effort into perspective. After Lee Strunk steps on a rigged mortar his leg is blown off. After the fight between Jensen and Strunk they become buddies again, after time. They make an agreement between each of them that if one of them gets a bad injury, they call it a “wheelchair wound” they would find a way to end it. So when Strunk gets his leg blown off, he begs Jensen not to kill him, he doesn’t. But after Strunk is picked up by a chopper he dies on the way back.

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  1. I also noticed how vivid this story was. It put the severity of war into perspective for me as well.